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BIM Building Infomation Modeling

7th July 2011

BIM Building Infomation Modeling

  Holyoake is putting the pieces together
If you haven't yet heard about BIM, Building Information Modeling you're about too!

BIM is a quantum shift from 2D or 3D documentation, it is 3D documentation that includes rich content data that significantly alters the design, build, delivery and life cycle processes of the built environment.
At Holyoake we commenced our preparation for the BIM landscape more than two year ago and have now compiled a significant and ever growing library of Intelligent, content rich product models.

As a recognised industry leader in this field Holyoake was asked to join AMCA Industry Steering Committee which has the core objective of delivering effective implementation of building information modeling (BIM) throughout the construction industry.

The AMCA believe taking a collective approach will reduce implementation costs, establish effective work flows and allow all concerned to harvest the total potential of the BIM environment with a more effective uptake rate.

Holyoake has participated in both the 2010 & 2011 AMCA Building Information modeling (BIM) Industry Forums held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. These events showcase the establishment of BIM-MEPAUS.

What was obvious to all concerned is that the BIM built environment is here, well established and will be adopted industry wide sooner rather than later.

It has clearly been articulated on more than one occasion that BIM will become government Policy and that the BIM environment offers effective saving in resources which cannot be ignored.

These AMCA BIM forums proved to be outstanding opportunity for the industry to understand the significance of a BIM Environment and its potential. It also allowed participants to contribute to the development of BIM MEPAus standard.


The AMCA and its steering committee have now set themselves an ambitious target of establishing and implementing the standards as early as June 2012.

Holyoake for our part is committed to the establishment of certified model standards to ensure the quality level is maintained in both the architectural presentation but most importantly the engineering data.

A clear understand of effective model design and our consideration of the workflow processes has greatly enhance the Holyoake product content library.

The Holyoake BIM Product library is available and purpose built for use with Autodesk REVIT. The models can be downloaded by those clients and customers registered with the Holyoake Web.

Alternatively you can contact your nearest Holyoake office across Australia & New Zealand or search through the Design Content - www.designcontent.com.au or Productspec - www.productspec.net web portals.

We would encourage your participation in future developments of BIM-MEPAUS.
For further information go to www.bimmepaus.com.au