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Linear Diffuser CWD

21st December 2011

Linear Diffuser CWD

CWD is just one of three Holyoake linear products to be released onto the market in 2011-12, and the CWD linear diffuser is certain to make its mark.

As with many of the products in the Holyoake range, the CWD linear diffuser is supported by its own installation linear mounting frame (MF). The CWD is a unique linear product.

We have produced a purposefully designed perimeter zone and general purpose linear diffuser capable of airflow as high as a conventional four slot linear diffuser.

The CWD linear product provides variable exit velocity control, positive airflow or directional control, with variable throw. The CWD is suited to VAV applications and systems with high differential temperatures.


As the CWD linear diffuser is just one of three new linear diffusers to be introduced to the HVAC market by us next year, make sure you keep in touch with your Holyoake representative or nearest factory and sales office.

The CJD and CSDF will be released shortly and again each offers a new concept in linear air diffusion.