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Future Proof your Building

23rd June 2015

Future Proof your Building

Holyoake IBD-FS

Fire Seal Fire Damper

In today’s safety conscious world fire protection is a key element in building safety and the protection of occupants. Holyoake Industries have always been at the forefront in the design and safety of fire and smoke protection products for mechanical services applications.
We are proud to release our latest product design which provides best practice protection for property and aides in the safe evacuation of occupants – The IBD-FS “Fire Seal” Fire and

The IBD-FS Fire Seal damper has been tested in accordance with the current test standard AS1530.4 -2005. This fire protection damper comfortably passed both the 4 hour construction integrity and air leakage rates as documented in section which are based on the European ISO standard 10294-1 ‘E’ Classification.

Standards Australia have confirmed AS 1530.4-2005 as the current testing standard. All new fire protection products must now adhere to the 2005 standard revision.  This standard is now also referred to in the Building Code of Australia.

The release of AS 1530.4 2005 provided a real challenge to Holyoake and the industry as it requires all fire dampers to reach an air  leakage rate some 50% lower than previous standards. Fire dampers tested to the 2005 revision must provide fire integrity whilst maintaining an air leakage rate of just 360m3/(h/m2) at 300pa. This is not easy to do!
The fact is that smoke kills more people than the fire itself. The Holyoake IBD-FS provides the means for fire containment and effective occupant evacuation.

Holyoake Industries are currently the only Australasian manufacturer in the market with mechanical fire dampers tested and compliant with the current test standard AS1530.4 2005.

All property developers, architect, consulting engineers and contractors can now provide a level of fire security that meets the requirements of the current test standard with the Holyoake IBD-FS series Fire Seal dampers. Best practice adoption should be policy for all new building construction.

Fire Service protection engineers are faced with the many options available in today’s market, what is well understood is that the speed at which a fire damper operates in an emergency together  with its reliability are the two most important factors for the success of the fire protection system. One of the huge benefits of the IBD-FS Fire Seal damper is that it reacts in seconds, has fire test proven integrity and provides the best leakage performance for a curtain type damper on the Australasian market today.

The often overlooked issue is fire damper maintenance. Holyoake IBD-FS dampers are provided with the “Safe Test” test latch system as standard. The benefits of this system is that in many cases fire dampers can easily be reset after test using one hand, making annual drop test maintenance easier with savings in time and resources.

As with all Holyoake products we have purpose built manufacturing processes so we can guarantee the highest build quality and ensure every fire damper is consistent with the damper that was originally tested.

Having recently celebrated our 60th year in business the IBD-FS is a true testament to a company that is committed to providing best practice in mechanical fire management.

Fire protection is a critical component to any building and awareness of what is available and how it can be best applied is the key to providing building safety. To facilitate this Holyoake are offering free fire damper awareness seminars for the industry. Many of these seminars have already been conducted with mechanical design engineers and contractors across Australia and New Zealand. The feedback has been tremendous with all participants attending having discovered something of value.

For further seminar information email your local Holyoake Branch now to book a seminar.