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19th May 2014


The CSD-T builds further on the Holyoake thermal range of Ceiling Diffusers, Circular Diffusers, Jets, Swirl and Nozzles all which use thermal energy to enact air pattern change. This could be direction or angle of diffusion or diffuser blade setting.


These products provide effective air diffusion solutions for both heating and cooling, use no power, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly. They have no wiring or controls and offer no ongoing maintenance concerns. The CSD- T Thermal actuator may in some cases be retrospectively fitted to existing Holyoake Linear Slot Diffusers CSD.

The CSD-T thermal actuator adjusts the air pattern form Cooling-Horizontal to Vertical Heating and back again in response to the supply air temperature using memory metal actuator technology design by Holyoake Engineers.

For further information refer to the New Holyoake Component Manual. Or use our website: