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The Holyoake CFP range of square and round face Radial Induction Swirl Diffusers have been designed to provide high quality indoor air diffusion. The CFP is constructed with swirl deflection blades that produce a highly turbulent radial airflow pattern. This results in rapid temperature equalization producing stable room space conditions with even temperature gradients.The CFP diffuser is suitable for use with increased temperature differentials and in VAV applications as the ceiling effect is maintained from minimal through to very high air flow rates. The CFP is able to achieve high room air diffusion quality due to the high induction swirl pattern it produces. This draws room air up into the supply air path resulting in mixing at high level. This reduces the chance of draughts whilst creating optimum room space conditions.

The CFP is available in a variety of sizes in both square & circular face plates.

Product Specification

Radial Swirl Diffusers, Ceiling Fixed Pattern shall be Holyoake Model CFP. Ceiling Radial Swirl Diffusers shall be designed for use in Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems with Highly Turbulent Radial Air Flow Pattern and shall be sutable for ceiling heights of 2.4 to 4m. Ceiling Radial Swirl Diffusers shall maintain a COANDA effect at reduced air volumes and provide uniform temperature gradients throughout the occupied space. Diffusers shall be finished in powder coat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake

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