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CSDF Linear Slot Diffuser is a single or multi slot air diffuser.
The CSDF Linear Slot Diffusers is available in 19mm and 25mm slot widths with factory set air diffusion pattern product which can be configured project specific. The high induction linear air diffusion pattern is suitable for Low temperature VAV applications.

Product Specification

Linear Ceiling Slot Diffusers shall be Holyoake Model CSDF 19mm or 25mm Single or Multi Slot Diffusers as documented. Linear Ceiling Slot Diffusers shall be of extruded aluminium construction, complete with factory set air pattern control blades. The slot components shall be mechanically locked together to form a rigid assembly. Linear Slot Diffusers shall be powder coat finish. Slot diffusers shall be provided with matching adaptors or plenums where shown, as manufactured by Holyoake.

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