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The Holyoake CVT diffuser is a stand alone pressure dependant VAV diffuser designed to automatically control a conditioned space without the need for a complex controller or a wall mounted thermostat. Because all of the control components are built into the CVT diffuser, all that is required is a 24 VAC feed (optional transformer available) and a system static pressure control device. Products suitable for providing pressure dependent control can be found in Section G of the Holyoake Industries Component Manual.

Product Specification

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Diffusers shall be Holyoake Model CVT Plaque Diffusers constructed from one piece steel pressing. The pressing shall be design to provide a fully radial air pattern and maintaina strong COANDA effect irrespective of flow rate or duct static pressure. The VAV Diffuser shall be provided with 24 volt transformer and incorporate a space air temperature sensor as well as a supply air temperature sensor. The signal recieved from these sensors is to be used to control a fully modulating damper to give an infinite range of airflow from the design minimum to the design maximum flow rate. The space temperature set point is to be adjustable from the face of the diffuser or via infrared Remote Control and the (VAV) Diffuser shall have the ability to signal the space condition and actuator positions to a Windows[r] based computer programme. Diffusers shall be finished in powder coat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake.

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