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The FSD Floor Swirl Diffuser is designed for use in raised floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurised supply air plenum.

The FSD core design produces a high velocity helical “swirl” discharge air pattern. This achieves high induction rates of room air which optimises mixing for maximum comfort conditions.

Product Specification

Circular floor diffusers shall be Holyoake FSD Series manufactured in glass filled polycarbonate, in self coloured grey as standard. Nominal diffuser size shall be 220 mm in diameter. The circular floor diffuser shall contain a flow regulator damper with open/closed indication.

Mounting clamp and trim ring shall be manufactured in glass filled polycarbonate.

The circular floor diffuser shall contain a dust/dirt collection basket. All materials used are to be fire retardant and the diffusers shall resist permanent deformation when subject to point loads up to 500 kg, and all shall be as supplied by Holyoake.

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