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The Holyoake HFS-R-146 is a fire and leakage rated Multi-leaf steel damper for the prevention of the spread of fire and/or smoke through ducted air systems, or between plenums. Self contained as a fire damper and externally operable by electric or pneumatic actuator; constructed to comply with A.S.1668.1, 1998 and A.S. 1682.1, 1990.

Refer to page 322 of the product manual for further information. A link to the manual can be found on the right hand side of this page when logged in.

Product Specification

Motorised Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers shall be Holyoake Model HFS-R-146. Fire and Smoke Dampers shall be fire and leakage rated, multi leaf dampers constructed to comply with details proven by prototype tests conducted in accordance with A.S. 1530.4, 1990 to withstand exposure to controlled flame for no less than 4 hours before failure of the assembly and any of its components. Fire and Smoke Dampers shall be equipped for either vertical or horizontal mounting and shall release by a fusible link at a temperature of 71 Degree C. Alternatively the Fire & Smoke Damper can be activated by a remote signal from a fire panel either

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