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Holyoake Curtain-type fire dampers are designed to maintain the integrity of the fire resistance of a wall, or floor, in which a hole has been formed to permit the passage of air, ducted or otherwise, to enable an air distribution system to function. The arrangement of interlocking blades mounted in a guide channel frame, minimizes space requirements and facilitates ease of installation in ductwork. Fire Rating: All Holyoake Series IBD units carry up to a 4 HOUR rating to AS 1530.4 as determined by the following testing Authority. For the purposes of the Australian and New Zealand Building Code t hey have an FRL/FRR of – / 240 / –

Refer to page 330 of the product manual for further information. A link to the manual can be found on the right hand side of the page when logged in.

Product Specification

Fire dampers shall be Holyoake IBD-FS Fire Seal with interlocking blade, curtain type, conforming to the requirements of the Australian and N.Z. Building Code and shall be built to comply with construction details proven by prototype tests conducted in accordance with AS 30, AS 1682, or UL 555,to withstand exposure to controlled flame for no less than 4 hours before failure of the assembly as a whole, or any of its components and shall qualify for a 4 hour fire resistance rating, in terms of Australian Standard AS 1530, Part 4, 2005 fire resistance test of structures. Fire dampers shall be equipped for either vertical, or horizontal mounting and shall close by release of a fusible link at a temperature of 71ºC,or by means of an Electro Thermal Resettable Release device incorporating a 71º C Thermal Resettable Release.“Safe Test” Test latches and access doors shall be provided for all fire dampers, so that they may be test operated at any time after installation without destroying fusible links and annually in accordance with AS 1851 - 2012 ( Section 13 ), Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

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