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Both OHL-124 and 102 louvers are available as closable options. They offer performance and appearance similar to the basic model with the facility to close the complete louver by means of concealed damper blades, pivoted on the underside of each fixed blade, and gang operated by either manual or motorised means. They are ideally suited for use in high wind storm conditions. While open, they offer minimum air flow resistance with low droplet penetration for normal weather. Typical uses are to provide controlled air movement in conjunction with powered and natural ventilation schemes in factories, plant rooms, power stations and similar projects. Other suitable applications include controlable air inlets operatingwith smoke clearance systems, where louvers would normally remain closed, but would open in the event of an emergency. Bird screen material slides horizontally into tracks between blades so that linkages are not obstructed.

Product Specification

Closable Weather Louvres shall be Holyoake Model OHCL-F/C-124 curved profile 100mm louvred blades set at 102mm centres and constructed in a 107mm flanged (F) or channel (C) frame to suit the installation profile. Each Blade shall be fitted with a concealed damper blade pivoted on the underside of each fixed blade which is gang operated by either manual or motorised means. Closable Weather Louvres shall be of extruded aluminium construction and finished in natural anodised, powdercoat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake.

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