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The Holyoake OHL-124 louver is an attractive, high performance, multi-purpose louver, which features a high “effective pressure area”, for applications where maximum airflow is a requirement. Based on proven Holyoake louver technology, the flat profile louver blades are set at a low angled pitch. The blades are spaced at 76mm centres which ensures enhanced aerodynamic performance coupled with high weatherability. The installed blades overlap one another to minimise the possibility of any water carry over.The OHL-124 is available in conventional single panel construction with a maximum blade length of 2.8 meter or for greater lengths an architectural style is available to give a continuous line

Product Specification

Weather Louvres shall be Holyoake Model OHL-F/C-124 straight profile 100mm louvred blades set at 76mm centres and constructed in a 107mm flanged (F) or channel (C) frame to suit the installation profile. Weather Louvres shall be of extruded aluminium construction and finished in natural anodised, powdercoat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake

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