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The Holyoake OHL-DRC is a precisely made closable, drainable weather louver.The blades feature a special gutter, so each blade only deals with the water that lands directly onto it. Therefore, water does not stream down the front of the louver, but is directed by means of an internal drain element to the external base of the louver, rather than into the building. The side cavities are sealed to prevent moisture penetration.In addition to the special drainable blades and water penetration cavities the OHL-DRC also offers the unique combination of a closable louver, operated by a manual handle or via a suitable motor. This provides the facility to fully or partially close the louver automatically when linked to a moisture or rain sensor, or other building management system.

Product Specification

Weather Louvers shall be Holyoake Model OHL-F/C-DRC Drainable Blade Louvres with blades which drain through vertical down pipes to discharge water at the bottom of the louvre. Drainable Louvres Blades shall be 102mmmm louvred blades set at 76mm centres and constructed in a 107mm flanged (F) or channel (C) frame to suit the installation profile. Blades shall be gang operated by either manual or motorised means. Drainable Blade Weather Louvres shall be of extruded aluminium construction and finished in natural anodised, powdercoat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake.

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