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Product Description

Holyoake Industries Model OHL-F-D offers an alternative concept in horizontal outside louvers. The drainable blade louver delivers the best water penetration performance available in a horizontal outside louver.

The OHL-F-D louver achieves this by draining the water from each blade and discharging it at the bottom of the louver through vertical down pipes found at either side of the louver. Because of the gutter on each blade the water does not cascade down the face of the louver. This means that each blade only deals with the water that lands directly on it. In a typical horizontal louver, where the water does cascade down the face, the water builds to a level where the pressure differential and the velocity of the air over the louver is enough to carry over the water to the inside of the louver. By avoiding this cascade effect the drainable horizontal louver offers excellent water penetration performance. The main benefit of this is that there is less water penetration at a given performance level.

This means that there is the option of selecting an OHL-F-D louver at a higher effective velocity without compromising the water penetration performance. If a selection is made at a higher velocity the louver can then be smaller than a typical horizontal louver giving a direct saving on the louver size but also providing a smaller penetration for the building.

If water penetration performance is of paramount concern the OHL-F-D offers the most effective way to achieve this.

Product Specification

Weather Louvres shall be Holyoake Model OHL-F/C-D Drainable Blade Louvres with blades which drain through vertical down pipes to discharge water at the bottom of the louvre. Drainable Louvres Blades shall be 102mmmm louvred blades set at 76mm centres and constructed in a 107mm flanged (F) or channel (C) frame to suit the installation profile. Drainable Blade Weather Louvres shall be of extruded aluminium construction and finished in natural anodised, powdercoat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake.

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