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The Holyoake OHL-KD (Knock Down) is an attractive high performance louver featuring on site assembly at the point of installation. The system is ideally suited for larger louvers and difficult on site installation. The on site assembly system of the OHL-KD eliminates expensive transport and lifting machinery that would otherwise be involved with a pre-assembled louver installation. The flangeless framing system enables the OHL-KD to be installed in metal clad buildings with ease. The louver penetration surround should be formed and flashed by the cladding contractor before the OHL-KD louver system is assembled in situ. Similarly the framing system is ideal for masonry and other wall systems. Based on proven Holyoake louver technology the louver blade features two water stops on its front face. The blades overlap one another blocking line of sight through the louver and minimising water carryover. The system may be assembled as a continuous louver showing no visible vertical mullion support bars.

Product Specification

The Louvre Assembly System shall be Holyoake OHL-KD 105mm dual weather stop louvre.The Louvre System shall be constructed of 6063T5 Extruded Auminium mechanically locked together to form a solid resilient structure suitable for site installation.The System shall capable of continuous assembly with no visible vertical mullion supports. The OHL-KD Louvre assembly system shall be fitted with Bird Wire screen. Louvre systems shall be finished in natural anodised or powdercoat and fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake. Bird wire or insect screens are optional.

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