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ANZ Headquarters - Docklands

The development and rapid expansion of Holyoake Architectural products has been greatly enhanced by the...

High Performance feature at Docklands


Project: ANZ Headquarters
Architect: Hassell Architects
Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Engineer: Norman Disney & Young
System Design: Facade Ventilation
  The development and rapid expansion of Holyoake Architectural products has been greatly enhanced by the experience and direction of Mr Peter Leddin. Peter brings more than 20 years of knowledge and experience to head up our dedicated factory, manufacturing and on site installation teams.
Holyoake are the market leader in facade weatherproofing through our range of Drainable, Closable or Ventilation louvres. The further development of Holyoake Architectural dedicated products lines includes new 75mm and 100mm high weather ability knock down louvres.
The production teams at Holyoake Architectural are capable of interpreting architectural inspiration and developing construction and site implementation plans.
This ability won us the contract to develop and build the Atrium louvre system for Australia's Largest office building, the 87000sqm, ANZ Headquarters at Melbourne's Docklands. A demanding construction program tested all involved.
Holyoake Architectural was commissioned to design and build the product to architectural specifications.
The next stage was to have it site installed over ten floors of dynamic central atrium space, with some 800m2 of highly finished architectural feature louvres. We completed these works ahead of schedule, much to the satisfaction of the project developer Bovis Lend Lease. Holyoake Architectural's success with the atrium louvre system was further complemented with a contract from GJN Facades to supply bar grille soffit louvers.
These featured many shapes and sizes, which brought some challenging moments for our factory team. Holyoake Architectural now features prominently in this landmark building located at 833 Collins Street, Victoria Harbor, Docklands, Melbourne.