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RMIT is a global university of technology and design, and the new Swanston Academic Building showcases RMIT's $600 million investment in cutting-edge educational facilities.The Swanston Academic Building acts as a catalyst to accelerate the cross-pollination of new ideas. There are many shared learning spaces fitted out with the latest technology, from a high-speed wireless network to LCD screens that can be accessed by multiple users.

This new building is also committed to sustainability, with reduced energy and water use, and has been accredited with a 5-star green building rating. It's RMIT's vision for tomorrow that you can see today.

A new era in learning, teaching and research.The world of learning and research as we know it will see significant change over the next two decades. In a world of ubiquitous technology every space is a learning place within the university and the city at large. Students, armed with mobile devices in a completely wireless environment, will colonise space in new ways.

Swanston Academic Building anticipates future practices and will accelerate the uptake of new ideas and the adoption of new approaches to the learning, teaching and research experience. The experience of the new building is one of being connected to people and activity through the use of space and volume. The activity of learning is highly visible and on display, rather than closed, private and hidden. The spaces encourage the creative and intellectual transfer of knowledge and lead users to interact in multiple settings with multiple information sources.

Above all the new building designed by Lyon Architects is vibrant, engaging and all about connecting people. Holyoake along with Brookfield Mulitplex and A.G. Coombs are proud to be associated with this unique and dynamic building.