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Adelaide University Learning Hub

The Adelaide University Central HUB provide a student focal point for contact, a wide range of informal spaces to foster social learning.

Adelaide University Learning Hub

Judging by the student reviews on Yelp the Adelaide University Central HUB development was a great success. The Adelaide University Central HUB provide a student focal point for contact, a wide range of informal spaces to foster social learning.

The central area of the University’s North terrace Campus is the focus for technology and student support.

Student consultation was part of the process when the Adelaide University was formulating the plans for the Hub. Adelaide Uni's stated goal for the project was the build a world class student environment that would help attract and retain students to the University. It seems it has achieved just that.

Design by HASSELL Architecture the Learning Hub is located at the heart of the University of Adelaide's North Terrace Campus. The $42.0 million development stretches over 9,000 sqm and involved the enclosure of an existing plaza and modification of the existing adjoining buildings and library. The Learning Hub affords the University a flexible, functional and secure space with updated library research facilities, formal and informal study spaces, student services and retail to support students and academic staff in meeting their needs for onsite learning, sustainment and amenity.

The fundamental challenge was providing the University a flexible, inclusive space with pedagogical and social benefits to students from a diversity of cultures and age groups.

HASSELL adopted an interdisciplinary approach between Architecture and Interior Design from the early stages of briefing to ensure both 'base building' and 'fitout' complemented one another to promote student activity and inclusion.

Extensive consultation occurred between HASSELL, the University, workplace environment strategists and key stakeholders with approximately 30 workshops held over eight weeks. HASSELL also consulted with local and international student groups weekly to both inform and develop the concept design, helping stakeholders and the design team to make informed decisions along the journey.

Many sustainable elements were incorporated into the design of the Learning Hub. The building envelope emphasises natural lighting and ventilation, to provide a healthy learning environment.

The roof system comprises screen printed and transparent ETFE pillows with a variable screen printed interlayer. The interlayer adjusts its position in response to external climatic conditions to control natural light emittance and heat transfer into the Learning Hub. As a result, the reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning of the Learning Hub is greatly reduced. The Energy efficient HVAC system installed by Mechanical Contractor O’Connor’s features in large part Variable Swirl diffusers throughout, design by Holyoake Engineers to effectively distribute the conditioned air for summer & winter conditions.